The campaign succeeded as a whole

The campaign succeeded as a whole. Our advertising materials looked stunning on Outshine’s large surfaces in Helsinki’s most frequented spots. The campaign was very useful in increasing awareness of our new watch. I believe that the long-term positive impact of the campaign will increase our sales figures. I requested the materials for editing from our headquarters in Switzerland, and Outshine’s production team produced the advertisements in all sizes in no time. It will be easy for me to produce new campaigns with them in the future.

Lauri Broman

National Sales Manager, Swatch Group (Certina)


Starting point

Certina is a Swiss watch brand that was the subject of a campaign on Outshine’s network from 27 September to 10 October 2021. The starting point of the campaign was to launch Certina’s new watch model DS Action Diver and use Outshine’s eye-catching LED screens for the advertising concept in the busiest places in Helsinki city centre. The media screens were located in different parts of Helsinki city centre, reaching the target audience effectively. The screens were strategically selected close to where the watches were sold.


The solution was to create a spectacular advertising campaign with a total of 13 media screens near to where the watches were sold. Outshine’s high-quality screens worked perfectly for the concept, highlighting the premium quality of both the watch and the brand.

Targets were exceeded

The campaign included thirteen (13) impressive LED screens. The campaign was guaranteed to reach 178,800 impressions. During the campaign, the guaranteed number of impressions was exceeded by more than 15%.

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